5 ideas to personalize your interior decoration

oil painting reproduction in kitchen

Show me how you live and I’ll tell you who you are – our interior design speaks to us more than we think. Our interior decorations can bring a little life to your four walls and contribute to the creation of a unique style. How can you customize your home cheaply and quickly? Discover 5 decorating tips that will help you express yourself.

1. Create a small comfortable place just for you

Do you enjoy reading exciting books, doing crosswords or listening to music? Or would you prefer to relax with a cup of aromatic coffee or a glass of good wine? Each of us deserves some time to ourselves, so it’s a good idea to create a place to relax within its four walls. A comfortable armchair, a floor lamp that provides perfect lighting in the evening and a small table on which you can place the things you need in your place of relaxation. If you want to give more privacy to your private interior, separate this place from the other parts of the room with a screen with an imaginative feel. What next? Create a relaxing atmosphere: light candles, turn on your favourite music and enjoy a moment of beneficial relaxation.

cozy living room interior decoration

2. Give an extraordinary touch to your furniture

In the age of ubiquitous interiors, where the inspirations of popular catalogues are reproduced, it is important to pay attention to the unique lifestyle. If you enjoy creative activities, try reworking your old furniture. There are many ways to recycle them quickly and inexpensively. Just paint the furniture, wallpaper it, upholster it, decorate it with stucco or natural materials such as cork. Not only do you change the interior design, but you also create a unique piece of furniture. Sometimes it is enough to introduce a subtle accent to redefine the style of interior decoration. Perhaps you will be inspired by our own design, where we modified a wooden chair using bits of wallpaper?

recycled furniture bed interior decoration

3. Hobbies in the first place

Hobbies drive us to action and personal development and often reveal our personality. Can’t you imagine your daily life without physical activity? Are you a free spirit and do you like to discover the most remote corners of the world? Or perhaps you think the world would be a much poorer place without dance and music? Show what makes you happy and introduce decorative accents that match your interests into your home. A photo wallpaper with the destination of your dreams or a scratch off map, fits into any interior style and is a good motivation to plan your next trip. A picture with whirling dancers, on the other hand, gives your interior an artistic touch and reminds you that you can dance for life.

4. Surround yourself with mottos that express your attitude to life

From time to time, each one of us encounters a quote or wisdom that pleases him or her in a particular way. The sayings with which we identify very often reflect our temperaments. It is also a good idea to surround ourselves with spiritual mottos in life because they make us believe in the power of our dreams. Paint the wall with chalkboard paint and fill it regularly with quotes that are close to your heart. Another interesting idea is to encourage your family members to participate. In this way, the decorated wall emphasizes the individuality of each resident. But the simplest decoration idea is posters with sayings – mottos enriched with beautiful layouts that not only express your personality, but are also seen as a shiny decorative element in the interior.

chalkboard interior decoration motto

5. Tell your story in pictures

Memories captured in photographs or reproduced in oil paintings and hung on the wall make a house “live” with its inhabitants. If you prefer minimalism, limit yourself to a few works in simple frames. Black and white or sepia photographs add a touch of elegance and sentimentality to the interior. A gallery of colourful photos or paintings in different frames will liven up every living space and become a collage of the most beautiful memories of the whole family. You can also present your photos on a bulletin board printed with frames – it’s a very practical solution that allows you to change photos quickly and often.

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