5 tips on how to get a Scandinavian decoration

scandinvian decoration in a living room

Home is our retreat, our safe island. Here we feel comfortable and safe. Cozy, comfy, cushy – these words stand for a feeling that a room creates in us when we feel comfortable. When you no longer want to leave the room, you relax and immediately feel at home. Especially in the cold months we need this cosy feeling even more than in summer. We tell you how to create a warm atmosphere with a Scandinavian look!

Tip 1: Use natural materials and colours

A home that is furnished with natural, high-quality materials also always brings a feeling of well-being. Wood, cork, wool, cob and marble form the basis for a cosy home with a Nordic look. The rule here is: few and muted colours, hardly any patterns. Grey and white tones are a good basis. The materials speak for themselves and trump all along the line with their naturalness.

scandinavian living room decoration with grey and white tones

Tip 2: You never have enough pillows and blankets

It’s clear that the word coziness immediately brings cuddly pillows and blankets to mind. Not without reason. If you think of making yourself comfortable somehow, you have the image in your head of how you’re wrapped in a fluffy blanket on the couch or an armchair and snuggled up in the soft cushions. Conclusion – if one wants to have it comfortable, cushions and blankets are needed and not too little. On the sofa a combination of many different cushions looks very inviting. These can also be made of different materials and colours as long as everything fits the style concept. Velvet, fur and wool cushions are particularly comfortable in the cold season. Spread a woollen blanket or furs somewhat “untidy” on the sofa. More blankets find their place in beautiful baskets.

scandinavian decoration bedroom with pillows and blankets

Tip 3: The right carpet with guaranteed cuddling

When it comes to comfort, there is no getting around the right carpets, because they are a must-have if you want to bring more comfort into your home. Especially in the cold season, they are not only an optical eye-catcher, but also ensure warm feet. A thick woollen carpet makes it really cosy. It will really invite you to take off your shoes and feel its soft, natural surface under your feet. Plus, children love to make themselves comfortable with a few cushions on the carpet. If you often move your office to the living room table, the point with warm feet is especially important during the cold months, because otherwise you would constantly get cold feet while working.

scandinavian living room decoration with a woolen carpet

Tip 4: Let there be light – candles and indirect light sources

The right light is very important when it comes to whether a room radiates cosiness or not. Under no circumstances should the light be too bright or too harsh. You should also make sure that the light has a warm, not too white tone. Several small light sources, such as small floor lamps or candles, provide a pleasant and cosy atmosphere. This way the room is only bathed in a subtle light.

scandinavian decoration in bedroom with warm light

Tip 5: Use everyday objects as decorative elements

Decoration is the icing on the cake of any interior and looks particularly harmonious and beautiful when it runs like a red thread through the house. Decoration does not always have to be interpreted in the classic sense. Even untypical things are perfect as decorative elements – beautiful magazines, collected stones, beautiful seals from the children or leftovers from the last party, such as disco balls.

scandinavian decoration objects

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