How to choose the perfect canvas size

Choose the canvas size

Choosing your painting’s size for it to perfectly fit on your wall can be tricky. Improperly sized paintings can either overwhelm a room or allow the room to overwhelm the oil painting, neither of which is esthetically pleasing. It is important to take the time to ensure that you choose your artwork in the size that is perfect for your needs and interior decoration. Get to know all the tips to give your artwork the ideal breathing space.

If it’s a narrow space…

vertical painting narrow space home decoration

“Portrait” Orientation – Vertical Painting: A painting with a “portrait” orientation is taller than it is wide.


Vertical Panorama Painting: A panorama painting has a wide angle view


Square Canvas: Challenge yourself with an artistic composition with a gallery wall

If it’s a wide space…

horizontal painting home decor

“Landscape” Orientation – Horizontal Painting: A painting with a “landscape” orientation is wider than it is tall.


Horizontal Panorama Painting: A panorama painting has a wide angle view


Square Canvas: Challenge yourself with an artistic composition with a gallery wall

Be creative and create a gallery wall

If you want to have several pieces, make sure they have the same color palette for a good homogeneity. You can either hang paintings that are all the same size or create interesting artistic effects by choosing artworks with various sizes. Simply make sure that the space between each artwork is the same. To visualise best, don’t hesitate to group and lay all your paintings on a table or on the floor to think of the effect you want to create. Checkout our page on how to create a gallery wall for more ideas.

How high to hang your canvas

How high to hang a painting

The general rule is that the center of the painting should be 57″ inches above the floor but rules are made to be broken!
The larger the artwork, the lower it can be hung! In any case, make sure to measure your painting’s height and divide by two in order to determine its center.

Measure the length and the width of the wall

measure the length and width of the wall

Start by measuring the length and the width of the wall where you want to hang the painting. If it’s going over a bed, couch or other piece of furniture, only measure the open wall space from the top of the furniture to the ceiling rather than from the floor to ceiling.

The 65% Rule

the 65 percent rule

The general rule is to choose the size that will amount to about 65 percent of the available space.
For example, if your wall is 120″ inches wide, a good width would be 78″.
How it is calculated: 120″ x .65 = 78″

How to preview your painting size

To ensure that the size of the artwork is to your liking, you have different possibilities to preview your painting size in your interior.

Use painter’s tape

painter's tape

Outline the dimension of the artwork on the wall using painter’s tape: it doesn’t leave marks once removed. Once you’ve outlined the dimensions, step back and take a photo of the wall with your phone, then readjust as needed and compare the different sizes outlined with painter’s tape.

75% the width of the furniture

the 75 percent rule

Paintings hung over furniture or mantles should be about 75% of the width of the furniture. For example, a painting over a 100″ inches long sofa should be about 75″ inches wide. Artworks hung above a fireplace tend to look best when the painting is as wide as the opening of the fireplace, no matter what the size of the mantle.

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