Which room to choose for your painting

Oil paintings in bedroom

Bedroom, Living Room, Child’s room, Kitchen or even Hallway… Find inspiration for your home or office’s wall decoration! In our collection of paintings on canvas you will find original wall decorations. Our wide choice of will allow you to find your favorite patterns for both modern and classic interiors.

The Bedroom

Bedrooms have always been an inspiring subject that has long been present in art. The bedroom often hosts works that are softer, more soothing, more sensual than in a living room, the aim being to create a relaxed, soothed atmosphere. In the bedroom, prefer soft and relaxing canvases with a romantic or Zen decoration that will bring softness and tranquility into your home.


As the bedroom is the most private and personal place in your home, the place where you gain strength – you can also choose paintings that will give you energy. In the bedroom, serenity and harmony are generally the order of the day – beautiful pictures of animals and plants are perfect, as are soothing nature photographs of the sea or mountains.

The Kitchen

Painting for the kitchen

In a kitchen, recall the world of cooking, with staged fruits or vegetables that will whet your appetite, this kitchen decoration painting will suit you perfectly. Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing your meals and then enjoy them in your dining room? You certainly agree that the design and decoration of these rooms are as important as their functionality.


The kitchen may not be an obvious place when you think of a refined wall decoration. And yet, just like in other rooms of the house, decorating a kitchen wall with paintings will give originality and personal style to the space. Paintings for the kitchen and dining room will highlight the special character of these rooms, being places where we spend time with our loved ones in a pleasant atmosphere. In the kitchen, we like to use soft and sober colours to make it warmer and to accentuate its welcoming aspect.

Child’s room

child room painting
We have gathered here some of our prettiest children’s paintings to create a fun and comfortable environment with a beautiful decor. Children paintings are also very popular as gifts for a newborn baby or for a baptism.
For babies who cannot yet choose, colour is a support, useful for awakening and rest. We therefore advise you to stay in light and soft shades to create a welcoming atmosphere. The idea is to brighten up without aggressiveness.
From the age of 4, the child’s tastes are affirmed and expressed in their desires. For your part, simply ensure that the brightest and most vivid colours are reserved for the sleeping and reading area, in the play, drawing and creation areas.
Suggest atmospheres: colours and ideas. It is up to you to distribute the brightest colour on a wall. You can also help your children to name their desire by offering them atmospheres linked to a theme they like.

The Living Room

living room painting

The living room is generally the largest room in the house and its spacious walls are perfect for an expressive and elegant composition of paintings. Feel free to choose paintings of different sizes and formats to create a wall of playful and vibrant paintings that reflect your personality.


The living room, unlike the bedroom, is a convivial space in which to receive guests. It reflects your taste and personality to others. Some choose to hang powerful, very personal, sometimes even intriguing works that are not necessarily unanimously accepted. They will have the merit of quickly triggering conversation in your guests, and perhaps also of making them discover an aspect of yourself that will surprise them!


In a living room, match the colours of the painting with the colours of your walls and curtains, landscape paintings will bring grandeur and travel to your interior decoration. You can choose the painting according to the colours already used in the living room. The idea here is to harmonize the colors on the canvas with the colors of the walls and curtains. 

The Hallway

hallway painting
The hallway is often synonymous with smart storage and practical solutions, but remember that the entrance hallway is the first place your guests discover when they cross the threshold – make sure they are greeted by a warm and attractive hallway that reflects your personality. Create a modern painting arrangement that adapts to both small and large walls in the hallway.
Generally speaking, light, soft and neutral colours are more appropriate in a corridor. They will enlarge the space and provide a pleasant feeling. If you want to add a little fantasy, you can choose a light or bright colour but in accordance with the colours of the rooms with a view over the corridor.
In a long corridor, large frames are a way to create an artistic spirit. Family memories, designer posters or works of art are all ideas to vary styles. With a certain harmony, the supervision is very important to bring unity to the corridor.

Don’t forget about harmony

For your painting to perfectly match its new home, discover our page how to choose your painting in harmony with your interior decoration for more advices.