How to match your painting with your interior decoration

painting matching the interior decoration

You’re looking for the rare gem that will harmoniously invite itself into your home? Kounst offers you some tips to help you achieve this without any missteps. The singular presence of a work of art on a wall concentrates such an energy that its absence can be perceived as a lack. Hence the need to choose it carefully!

Harmony is key for your painting to breathe

living room painting

The more daring a work is, the more space it will need to breathe. A deliberately discreet and felted decoration will fully highlight a masterpiece. Be sure to soften the overall decoration of your space in order to not fall into overbidding or a decoration that may be “too much” and way more suitable for decoration magazines than for our real interiors.

Create decorative reminders in your home

painting decoration harmony

Simple decorative reminders of the painting’s major tonality with objects or cushions can be enough to create homogeneity in your interior. The colours do not have to be identical, it is a matter of giving a general impression.

Choose the right proportions

The sofa in the living room is bored all by itself, glued to a very bare wall? Take the time to think about the proportions. A painting that is too large will give the impression that you are evolving in a doll’s house, a work that is too small will dilute in space and lose its impact. Take a look at our page how to choose a painting’s size in proportion for your wall space.